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At our office we spend many hours a day. Some of us more, some less, but it is common to have people around all day long. So, the problem since its beginings is how to maintain (us) entertained for such a long time.
The simplest answer? Music.
Music is known worldwide as a means to exchange tastes, and share with other people. It can even be considered a means of communication and identification.
The problem is, how do you share music in an office, without disturbing the people who work there? And, having fix this, how can you agree among so many people?
In our case, we have multiple music options, as explained below.


It is an easily accessible page which performs a first search according to a favorite artist, and then generates a list of tracks from similar artists, which can be rated as good or bad, according to the preferences of the user. Thus, selected artists lists are generated, and some unknown musics are discovered.


In case of not wanting to explore new music, Grooveshark may be one of the best options. On this page you can find a variety of artists, songs and choose those you like best, assembling personal lists to your liking. In general, if you do not have a good internet connection is not recommended. However, being without video songs, is a good choice to put background music, without the risk of ending up listening to an artist who is not of your taste.


It may happen that the connection to YouTube (since it is a page more developed than the previous ones) works better loading videos. In that case, you can create a list of your own, or use the suggested lists from the page.


If you are not convinced to listen to a particular artist, an interesting option is to connect to any online radio. Here, our favorite page is Streema, a platform that includes numerous radios from around the world, easy to use and very effective.

Server music

If we are not convinced with all of the above, or if the connection is working very slow, we have music on our servers, which are connected to the speakers of the office and we can access from our own computers. Thus, anyone in the office can change the music if it is not of its liking, or just prefer a change.
All previous cases follow a very particular dynamic that is generated and mutating over time. Sometimes the music is directly censored, and sometimes it is celebrated by most of the office. Also, there are times when it generates some discussion about what music to listen, while in other cases there are fights between two or more people entering the servers to simultaneously choose music, being favored in that case the fastest one with the cursor.
But, of course, the office always has music that entertains our work!




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